A special thanks to everyone for making September’s tasting a fantastic evening. Thanks again to Andrew Ferguson for sharing your thoughts, insights and anecdotes, and opening our fifth season in style. An evening to remember!

Continuing on, we have a brilliant lineup for our October tasting. This year we’ve tried to collect some interesting whiskies from around the world, and specifically avoid Scotland (and North America, more on that in March 2020)! We’ve put together a top-notch roster from India, Taiwan, Japan, and the Netherlands, including a very interesting, exclusive rum-finished release from Kavalan! All of these whiskies (with one notable exception) clock in at under 10 years of age but drink far older, which serves as a powerful example of what interesting things you can do when you start aging whisky in tropical climates. Hope to see you there!

The whisky (left to right):
Cadenhead Small Batch (Paul) John – 6 Years Old
Millstone 100 Dutch Single Rye Whiskey
Amrut Madeira Finish
Kavalan Solist Rum Cask Chapter Two
Kujira 20 Year Bourbon Cask
Nikka from the Barrel