The Society

Welcome to the Kelowna Scotch and Fine Spirit Society, where you’ll have the opportunity to imbibe in some excellent scotch and other fine whiskies and spirits, such as bourbon, cognac, rum, gin and tequila. Anyone of legal drinking age is welcome and you need not be a connoisseur. The society is equally a social gathering as it is an opportunity to discover the complexities of both single malt whiskies and other fine spirits, many of which are not easily available in BC!

Our meetings are held on the third Monday of each month (with the exception of a few holidays) and each night fits with a theme and type of spirit. Flights are typically six specially selected offerings and ½ oz pours. Charcuterie or other small bites are provided as part of your tasting fee, but depending on venue, additional food or beverages may be ordered individually.

We have a growing membership of over 100 strong, but always welcome new members or guests. For an initial one-time fee of $30 (which will go towards Glencairn glasses and other costs), you’ll be able to receive tastings at a discounted price. Tickets are typically $45 per evening for members and $60 for non-members.