As spring blooms into full swing, we turn our attention to a botanical focused spirit. This month’s tasting will feature an exploration of gin in two separate forms: as a versatile spirit produced using a diverse selection of botanicals, and as the base spirit for a wide variety of popular cocktail creations.

For our gin flight, we have a selection of gin ranging from commercial offerings to craft limited editions and from local distilleries to international. Our selection is as follows:

  1. Martin Miller’s Gin
  2. Hedrick’s Orbium Gin
  3. Wiseacre Farm Distillery’s Harvest Gin
  4. Noteworthy Gin
  5. Masahiro Okinawa Gin
  6. Bols Genever 6 Year Barrel Aged

On top of this tasting flight, you’ll also be put to work crafting one of three cocktails. Would you choose the classic and refreshing French 75, the complex and carefully balanced Negroni, or the iconic choice of James Bond himself, the Vesper Martini? Whichever cocktail you choose, you’ll be given the ingredients and little guidance on how the flavour aspects are combined to create the finished product!

This month’s tasting is generously hosted by our friends at Wiseacre Farm Distillery, located in South East Kelowna. Since part of the tasting will be held outdoors, please make sure to dress for a spring evening!

Hope to see you there! Slainte.