Well it’s everyone’s favourite time of year, November’s peated whisky tasting! One of the few themes that never changes with the society. Join us as we delve deep into some of the most richly flavoured whiskies made in Scotland, usually from the island of Islay. We’ve only selected three of the whiskies to date, so this post is more of teaser, but we’re confident the full lineup will, as usual, not disappoint.

We’ve happened upon another bottle of Port Askaig, this time a 19 year old. An independently bottled malt, at cask strength, the label is conspicuously devoid of the name of the distiller, which is usual for these releases. Who knows, it might come from that distillery near Port Askaig, Caol something-or-other…

Ever popular in the world of whisky is rum finishes, and the good people at Ardbeg decided they’d have a crack at it as well with this year’s Feis Ile release, Ardbeg Drum. This is the standard release, bottled at 46%, and released on Ardbeg Day 2019, but we feel it doesn’t lose too much over the Committee Release this year, and are excited to have it in our lineup.

Lastly (for now) we have another Kilchoman release. An underdog favourite at many of our tastings, Kilchoman has been releasing fantastic bottlings year upon year. This is a private single cask bottled at cask strength from an 11 year old bourbon barrel, and the tasting notes on the back of the bottle sum up this sneak peek at our lineup elegantly: “Nomnomnomnom.”

As usual, tickets are already available for purchase and more than a quarter are sold. Head over to the event page to learn more. Hope to see you there!