We’re one week off from this year’s rum night! Join us as we explore this fascinating category of spirits with 6 selections of rum from across the Caribbean. This season’s tasting isn’t as hogo-heavy as our previous one in 2017. Instead we have a very balanced roster of high-quality single cask and single vintage expressions along with a couple blends, and as usual an agricole rhum (this time from Guadeloupe) to balance our selection from Jamaica. Hope to see you there as we navigate the punchbowl and celebrate the onset of the summer weather!


The R[h]ums (left to right):

  1. Plantation XO 20th Anniversary (Barbados)
  2. Admiral Rodney Extra Old (St. Lucia)
  3. Appleton Estate 15 Years Old (Jamaica)
  4. Rum Nation Guadeloupe Vieux (Guadeloupe)
  5. XXX/One (Barbados)
  6. Diplomatico Single Vintage 2002 (Venezuela)