There are roughly 1,000 different bottles of tequila available! But when it comes time to drinking the stuff, too many of us think back to old bad habits from less sophisticated days, if you know what I mean. It’s a shame however, because the best tequilas are as complex and ripe for savoring as fine Scotches or wines.

For this months tasting, which will mark our 10th and final gathering of the season, we’ll explore the history and types of tequila on the market, as well as the subtleties in aromas, flavours, and colours the spirit has to offer. We’ll be pouring at least one of each: mescal, unaged blanco, gold, reposado, anejo, and extra anejo, the latter of which are aged in wood for varying periods of time. We’ll also look at how you can tell apart a cheap tequila, based on the quality of the liquid. It will be a great way to end our first year!