Q & A

How did the Kelowna Scotch & Fine Spirits Society come about?

A group of whisky-loving mathematicians decided it was time to invite friends to our monthly get-togethers. We posted a page on Facebook, called ourselves a society to sound more sophisticated, and the next thing you know… well, here we are!

Are the people running this society making a profit?

The society is not-for-profit. All membership and tasting fees go towards the bottles, edibles, and venue costs of each event. Any additional money is carried forward to future events.

What is the difference between a membership fee and a tasting fee?

Membership is a one-time fee of $30 which goes towards Glencairn glasses, guest speakers, and a small float in the society’s account towards the purchase of liquor for upcoming events. Tasting fees are paid each time a member attends an event, and will range from $45-$60 depending on the theme, number of attendees, number of bottles being presented, and the cost of those bottles.

Are tastings open to non-members?

Yes! We try to give our paid members priority registration for upcoming events, but non-members are always welcome! Non-member tasting fees are typically an additional $15. We always welcome new members!

What can I expect from future tastings?

Tastings will be relatively informal, with a member presenting the spirits to the group. Some tastings will be more formal and include educational material, visual presentations, or guest speakers. At each tasting we will sample a flight of approximately 6 pours of ½ oz each. To keep things interesting, the format will change at each event and may include themed tastings and friendly or competitive blind tastings. As responsible drinkers, the society will always provide food and water at the tasting tables, included with the evening’s cost.

Have another question? Contact us at info@kelownascotchandfinespirits.org